So, our journey as the Schwendtke family began upon deciding to reside in Val de Vie since 2015.

Then the decision, Interior Decorator.

A great interior isn’t complete who cannot call it home. Inside Style sends a heartfelt thank you for taking the time to write a review.

In the latter part of 2015 I engaged with Nicolette Jonas, owner of Interior Concepts, we just clicked from day one! Living some 2000 kilometers away was important to know that you can trust in a person and company. They handled everything from design to moving us in and out.

It was important to me to have a complete turnkey team since I didn’t live in the Western Cape Province and needed someone to handle the entire process. The result was FANTASTIC.

Our home looks great, it was completed on time and within budget.

All my calls and communication was adhered to promptly and Interior Concepts did a great job of furnishing our space. It’s modern, warm and a great place to “come home to”

We are so pleased with their work and received many compliments from friends and family.
A business deal and great interpersonal skills turned a service provider into a life long friend.

Interior Concepts exceeded our expectations!

A heartfelt THANK YOU and your team NICOLETTE JONAS.

And Interior Concepts also support great charitable event such as Pink Polo Day in aid of cancer.

Greatest love and appreciation,

Karen Schwendtke
Val de Vie no 844

Karen Schwendtke
Karen Schwendtke

The team at Interior Concepts, led by Nicolette Jonas, has been a delight to work with on our Val de Vie Estate projects. They are professional, deliver on a timely manner, have fantastic resources and most importantly they quickly grasp the creative direction and vision that we have for our properties. From the beginning of the project(s) through completion their creative design process insured that no detail was too small.

A Atta
International Polo Player

I have known Nicolette Jonas for more than 3 years. When I decided to start Biutiful, I could not think of anyone else who would understand my style and ideas quite like Nicolette would. She helped me with every phase of the construction and in designing every single room and area of my new shop. She has an outstanding knowledge of the planning and designing of a space, and a rather small one this was. From selecting lighting and plumbing fixtures, wall textures and color, flooring and loose carpets, window treatments and bedding, furniture and accessories. The decisions we made helped me to achieve a fabulous and stylish out of the box environment that many had already copied and I still adore more and more every day. Nicolette is a very easy person to work with, she is reasonable, professional and daring when needs be, and to this day still helps me with all my décor needs.

Marlize Brand
Owner Biutiful Aesthetics Centre

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